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Squishy Update

161.5 = 7.2 lbs. lost.

I kinda sorta fell off the wagon the Friday before Easter and then again on Saturday. All bets were off on Easter Sunday and I contemplated getting serious on Monday, BUT those two ginormous pieces of gluten free swiss roll cake laughed when I said I was going to freeze them for my next cheat day. The only way to shut them up was to eat them. BOTH.

Fast forward to today and I’m regaining focus…


Former me would have hated myself for cheating all week. Current me has no problem flipping her the finger because that chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream with the obscene amount of whipped cream last night was DELICIOUS…
Oh, and it was vacation week, so double flip off.

I’m Squishy, NOT Pregnant.

Yeah, so that conversation happened. At work. After several inquiries to co-worker friends.

I shrugged it off until I was 11 days late for my cycle.
Concerned, I went to my doctor for blood work only to get the, “You realize there is a .1% chance of you being pregnant?”.
“Yes, yes, yes, I know how effective the IUD is…I just need to know because if I am then changes need to be made to my meds, like 6 weeks ago”. That and I’ve allowed people outside of The Inner Circle get in, thank you so much for being so accommodating. Insert smile HERE.

Husband and I discussed the THE’S to if-I-am or if-I’m-not. It was mostly names and holy-F*#$-I’m-a-gonna-need-to-make-some-changes. Oh, and I’d like to go for my BCBA next Spring and want a baby in my arms shortly after graduation. (Can we insert one of those awkward smile emojis here? …it would fit perfectly.)

A phone call 18 hours later put us on TEAM SQUISHY and gave me the not-so-subtle push I needed to get just  tad bit healthier (awkward smile emoji).

(slow carbing it up)

no carbs
no sugars
no anything except for vegetables and protein

1 CHEAT DAY (aka heaven)
engorge yourself with whatever you want
(I will be starting my Friday off with a plate of waffles slathered in butter and syrup with a side of strawberries and a plate of scrambled eggs and cheese. Chocolate will be eaten throughout all points in the day. Lunch will involve pizza and fresh mozzarella w/tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette. Oooh, definitely fruit snacks…probably a box of the Triple Layer ones or maybe the Stop n Shop brand (those bring me back to the 90s) Dinner will be pizza. And I’d love to see a bowl of Fruity Cheerios…an apple with peanut butter would be lovely too.