Kindergarten Cat Fights

Aidan has always had a way with the ladies.

Last year, he developed his 1st relationship. Yes, at 4 years old and in Pre-Kindergarten, my son had a girlfriend.

He adored her.

He handpicked bouquets of flowers for her.



And he made her THE most awesome Valentine I have ever seen a 5 year old make.



When I told Aidan we were moving, he had a few concerns. The biggest being the fact that he would never see his girlfriend anymore.

I also apologized a thousand times and assured my heart broken boy that there would be lots of girls at his new school and not to worry. I felt awful.

Aidan started at his new school a week after we moved. That Friday he jumped off the school bus and exclaimed,
Really?! What’s her name?
Um…I don’t remember.
Well, if you’re going to have a girlfriend, you need to know what her name is.

For the sake of this post, we’ll call this girlfriend A1.

At back to school night, I ran into A1 and her grandmother. Long story short, A1 hadn’t told her family about Aidan and I spilled the beans. Grandmother didn’t appear very happy about the news. She did say, however, that she knew of an Aidan who sat with A1 during lunch; A1 was getting in trouble for not eating her lunch because the two were talking too much.


Oh, and by the way, A1 denied she was Aidan’s girlfriend. I would to if grandmother was my grandmother.

I spoke to Aidan the next day about how some parents prefer their daughters not have a boyfriend, especially in Kindergarten, and he should just be friends with A1.

It was around this time that Aidan received that late birthday invitation. This was the birthday party he brought the Mexican Jumping Beans to.

Here’s what the inside of the invite said…


Uh, huh.

Aidan was surrounded by girls at the party.

At one point, Birthday Girl’s (we’ll be calling her A2) mom wanted a picture of A2 and Aidan. They stood. They smiled. The picture was taken. Then another girl came on Aidan’s other side. They smiled. The picture was taken. Then another girl came in. They smiled. The picture was taken.

I couldn’t help but laugh.


I had to attend an educational planning meeting for Aidan at his school. During this meeting, Aidan’s teacher informed me that there were 3 girls fighting over him. She also said that for the first time in her career, she had to place Aidan at a table with ALL boys. “The girls just start talking to him”, she said. She assured me that the matter was being dealt with and not to worry.

When Aidan came home from school that day, I asked if there were any other girls that liked him. He gave 3 names. A1, A2, and A3. Yes, all 3 have names that start with “A”.

Whatever he's doing, he's doing well.

Apparently, these moves are what the ladies like.

I was at our Wednesday library program last week and met another mother who has a daughter in Aidan’s class (she’ll be referred to as “O”). O’s mom said that she is obsessed with Aidan and writes him love letters every day after school. She also has signs and pictures hanging outside her bedroom door and on her walls. Apparently no one other than Aidan can enter her room.

I was telling my mom the story; I couldn’t get over how there were 4 girls obsessed with my son. Aidan interjected and informed us of a 5th, M. He also said how M and A1 become very upset with Aidan whenever he plays with another girl. So much so that they yell at him. They also follow him around at recess, “invading [his] personal bubble” (his words, not mine). And if that wasn’t/isn’t bad enough, he told me he wanted to transfer to a different school so “that no one would fight” over him.

Shatter my heart into a thousand pieces.

I wasn’t very popular in grammar school and this is my first born, I had no clue what to say next. So, I said I would take care of it. Actually, I promised.

I wrote a 2 page note into school (yes, I’m that mother) and received a phone call from the guidance counselor.

The guidance counselor now works with the entire class and sees Aidan once a week. How you fix this issue without saying “don’t play with each other” takes too much thought for my brain to handle at this current point in time, but that’s what she gets paid for. But what ever she’s doing is working… Aidan came home from school yesterday and said he didn’t have any problems.

I’m not sure how the rest of the year will pan out, I’m just thankful Aidan is enjoying school again. I am, however, a little worried about the guest list for his birthday party. I may have to get a house coat for Aidan and bunny ears for the girls. A picture’s worth a thousand words.

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