Life Happened. I Forgot About Valentine’s Day.

My house has been decorated for Valentine’s Day since the beginning of January. As soon as our Christmas tree came down, the hearts went up. And yet, all this week I kept forgetting about Valentine’s Day. And that includes the making of school Valentine’s.

I wish I could just buy store bought cards and be done. It’d be so much easier. But I feel like I’m just throwing my money away. And that’s something we can’t really afford to do right now. You buy them, torture your kid to sign his/her name, and the recipient just throws them out. Fact.

So, I opt to be creative (aka show my true level of insanity).
Here are some examples of what we’ve done over the years…

This one is by the far the cutest we’ve ever done. And my most favorite. In fact, I have pinned on my inspiration board above my desk. I love it THAT much.

As much as I loved the above Valentine, it was 3 x’s more expensive than the store bought kind. So the following year we gave 100% homemade Valentine’s…

These were given to close friends and family. Which means we made about 30 of them.


As you can tell by the picture, I framed one. It holds a place on my memory shelf. Also above my desk.


And then last year, I volunteered to bring drinks for the Valentine’s Day party at Aidan’s school. The drinks doubled as his Valentine…

Valentine's 2

And this year?
I had plans. Key word being “had”.

Aidan and I were going to make a bunch of rainbow loom bracelets. And by a bunch I really mean I’m not sure because I lost the class list. We were then going to attach these bracelets to small pieces of card stock that read, “You’re LOOM-azing”. Get it? The husband didn’t either. But that’s because he’s not in on the times of elementary school children.

Here’s the concept. I was going to tweak it.


Image courtesy of The Celebration Shoppe.

We (aka I) made 5. And then life happened and I, I mean we never finished.

Initially, upon waking and realizing what day it was, I felt like I dropped the ball. Feel free to insert Mommy Guilt here.

But the more I thought about it, the more I began to realize I subconsciously forgot on purpose. And here’s my justification…

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for that one person you like/love. It’s supposed to be special, not some generic here-you-go-here’s-a-card-for-everyone-because-we-don’t-want-to-make-anyone-feel-bad holiday. Aidan actually demonstrated this point last year by insisting on making a “special” Valentine for the girl he really liked.

Valentine for Aurora copy

But then I thought about it some more,  and it seemed even more ridiculous.
I’m exhausted trying to keep up with it all. The pressure of keeping your kids alive (aka keeping them from killing each other or yourself from killing them) with 3 balanced meals a day with snacks in between while maintaining (that’s a joke) a relatively tidy house, making sure homework is complete (neatly) and the school folder is empty (or else you get talked about for not checking) and all appropriate papers are signed and returned to school along with library books, along with attending to any emergency that may arise (yourself getting sick for a few days, tooth pain, stomach bugs, etc.) is all just too much. Throw in some Valentine’s Day cards/crafts for the entire class. Before you know it, we’re going to start making holidays up just to do stuff. Oh wait. That’s what happened with Valentine’s Day.

Something has to give. For me it’s gifts for everyone and their mother.

Consider this the start of my Simply Life Movement. I’m not quite sure of the details, but then again details are complicated. I’m just going with it.

Oh. By the way. Aidan never made it in to school today. He had an emergency visit to the dentist for some serious tooth pain. It resulted in a baby root canal followed by an extraction. In English…he lost his 1st tooth.

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