A Little Reminder This Halloween…

This is the week Aidan and Lincoln have been asking about for over a month. Counting down the weeks. And now the days.

We’re very excited over here. And I’m almost done making costumes….I just need to make Lincoln’s ears.

Aidan is so excited that he’s been practicing how he will say “Trick-or-Treat” and is considering the abbreviation, “T-o-T” (funny story…I’ll share it another time). And I couldn’t be happier.

It hasn’t always been like this.

Aidan’s 1st Halloween was non-existent. He wore a Halloween shirt. I had a migraine…which meant I was in bed, under the covers, in a dark room.
Sorry hunny.

His 2nd Halloween… Aidan was a few months shy of 2 and wasn’t speaking.

He had a speech delay. But he knew exactly what to do…

2nd Halloween

Halloween 2009

…these were his exact words, “HI…MORE…PLEASE…BYE”

Those 4 words were HUGE for us at the time. So much so that I saved them with the above picture.


His 3rd Halloween I remember Aidan was a firefighter…

3rd Halloween

Halloween 2010

And, apparently this convo accompanied the above picture. But I honestly don’t remember it…so it musn’t have been one of our better days…

3rd Halloween Capture


Aidan’s 4th Halloween is one that will forever be engrained to my memory…
It was the day he was discharged from outpatient counseling services (we attended weekly sessions in the hopes it would provide an outlet for Aidan, in turn having a positive influence on his behavior).

Aidan went to school as Waldo…

4th Halloween

But he insisted on wearing his firefighter costume from the year before for Trick-or-Treating…

We met up with friends and family for Trick-or-Treating after Aidan’s last counseling session.

Circumstances weren’t working in our favor. Trick-or-Treating got delayed. It was past dinner time. And Aidan had been on edge since the morning.

It turned out that this…

4th Halloween 3

…the act of a group of kids rushing to one door was too much for Aidan to handle.

In previous years, we had gone Trick-or-Treating with one other family. And we went to the doors WITH Aidan. And HE rang the door bell.

The first hour of this fun activity involved Nolan walking behind the group with a screaming Aidan.

Nolan was eventually able to get Aidan to calm down. And the other kids were so great in adapting…they worked out who would ring the door bell in what order. This little bit of structure made a HUGE difference.

Aidan was able to keep track of when it was his turn, which was comforting for him.

Between that and his cousin, Aidan (and Nolan and I) were able to enjoy the rest of our time collecting candy from strangers Trick-or-Treating…

4th Halloween2

Thank goodness for loving cousins….

The 5th year (last year) was a great success, despite the fact that we had been hit by Hurricane Sandy and Halloween had been canceled in NJ.

Aidan dressed as Turtle Man from Call of the Wild Man

Aidan dressed as Turtle Man from Call of the Wild Man

After however many days without power, we decided to wait out NJ’s black out in Massachusetts.

This meant new houses to visit and no large groups…it was just us…

5th Halloween.jpg2

…which was more than enough and absolutely perfect…

5th Halloween.jpg3

This year we are planning on Trick-or-Treating with our MA cousins. While I am a little nervous about how Aidan will do with a group of people, I am excited at the same time. Excited to see how he does. How he interacts. Adapts.

He has come so far. Progressed so much. Has a much better understanding of his feelings and how to effectively communicate them to me.

My mommy intuition tells me he’ll be just fine.

So, as you prepare for Trick-or-Treaters this week, I ask you to please keep this in mind….

Halloween reminder

…my oldest has SPD issues. All 3 of my kids are gluten and dairy free. Other children may have other issues. Issues far worse than ours.

Your response, your reaction, can make all the difference in a child’s (as well as a parent’s) evening.

Please don’t judge. Please be nice. And remember, it’s about the kids. Smile.




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