Mexican Jumping Beans… not your ordinary bean

My mother bought Aidan Mexican Jumping Beans while getting a gift bag for the birthday party he was invited to this past Saturday. Apparently he HAD to have them, as did the birthday girl (who happens to be one of the THREE girls in his class who wants his hand in marriage. That is an entirely separate story and one that will be shared)

These are Mexican Jumping Beans. They don't look like much, right? WRONG!

These are Mexican Jumping Beans. They don’t look like much, right? WRONG!

So we’re at this party. I’m meeting other moms and am in the middle of saying how although I’m from New Jersey, I do not know the Jersey House Wives, nor do I know where they live, when Aidan runs up to show me his jumping beans. They are in this little clear plastic box, and Aidan tells me there are little worms in the middle of the beans. These worms eat the beans which makes them “jump”. Once the worm eats all of the bean, it turns into a moth.

Me: A moth!


Me: Well, let’s make sure we keep them in the box.

I made a funny and the other mom’s laughed. I thought Aidan was just being imaginative.

Fast forward to the next day and my mom has some friends over for dinner.Everyone is chatting and the jumping beans are brought up.

Jumping beans? What the heck are jumping beans?

My mom tells Aidan to get the jumping beans and he hands them over our friends. My mom is explaining how they “jump” when they get warm and tells them to hold the beans in their hands. She proceeds to explain that there are tiny worms in the beans….

Me: Wait! What? Worms?

My mom: Yea.

Me: Really?!

My mom: Yea.

Me: HA!

At this point everyone is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. I explain the jumping bean party story and how I thought Aidan was just telling me a silly story. NEVER would I have ever believed that these beans have worms in them that turn into moths.

Monday comes. Lincoln and Autumn are down for their afternoon nap and I’m doing dishes. The house is pretty quiet with the exception of this clicking sound. I stop running the water and look around. I don’t see or hear anything so I go back to washing. I hear it again. This goes on for a while before I realized Aidan’s beans are on the window sill above the kitchen sink. And they’re jumping.

I honestly hope I’m not around when these things hatch because I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my composure.

Don’t believe me? Check out this video. These are Aidan’s Jumping Beans…



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