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January Endocrinologist Appointment

Previously, Aidan was on a sliding scale. He was to eat 55-65 grams of carbohydrates at every meal.
Blood glucose levels…
< 150 = 1 unit of insulin
151-250 = 2 units
251-300 = 3 units
> 351 = 4 units
The doctor was doing the correction for us in the event of an elevated glucose level.

January’s appointment brought us much happiness and so much more freedom with the okay from the doctor to start a insulin to carb ratio plan aka the boy can eat whatever he wants (within reason). We just need to subtract his Target Blood Glucose Level (150) from his actual BG and then divide that by 100. Unless he is within the normal range. Then we just give 1 unit per 60 g of carbs.
It’s VERY exciting!!!!! If not JUST as exciting as carb counting and food weighing, then  most definitely MORE.


AND if an insulin to carb ratio plan wasn’t enough, Aidan is making some bank for participating in a clinical research project.
He initially said no, but then changed is tune when he heard $20-. We made sure to discuss how $20- is awesome, but contributing to help find anything that will lead to a cure is just as awesome.

Turning lemons into lemonade…If you’re going to have diabetes, might as well get paid for it.