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Costume Party – Weekend Activities for the Kids

On Friday I told the kids that Daddy was coming to visit. Aidan and Lincoln grinned from ear to ear and were jumping for joy. Autumn wanted a banana. Once the jumping ceased and the news was properly processed, Lincoln informed me that we had “to have a party”. A “costume party” to be exact. I looked at him curiously, surprised by his request, and then agreed. We had to have a costume party.

I had grand plans for this party (which was just for us and in 2 days). I planned on making all kinds of treats and goodies, decorating a bit. I planned on having a blow out party. Do you know what I did? I baked cupcakes. I planned on dressing the kids up in full costumes. I planned on dressing up myself. Do you know what happened? Aidan wore a mask, Autumn wore my 1st Halloween costume (a clown suit), and Lincoln wore his Halloween costume. Me? I didn’t dress up.

I was feeling that feeling I feel when I don’t do as much as I want to. I took a step back and watched the kids running around in their “costumes” as happy as could be. And then I snapped myself out of whatever emotional vortex I was going down.
We put on C + C Music Factory and danced. Together. Just the 5 of us. We took a cupcake break and then danced some more. The kids smiled the entire time. And all was good in my world.

Please excuse the equality of the images.
I was having too much fun to fiddle around with the camera.

IMG_2591 copy

IMG_2599 copy IMG_2597 copy IMG_2604 copy

IMG_2607 copy IMG_2608 copy

IMG_2605 copy

IMG_2610 copy

An impromptu costume/dance party is a great rainy day activity. And there’s no need to extensive planning. Put some treats on the table, throw on some music, and just have fun.