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Conversation With My 5 Year Old – Rules for Marriage

Here’s the scene…

We’re driving home form the fabric store. The car is quiet.


Aidan: Mommy, can boys marry boys?

Me: Yes. They can.




Well, they get dressed up and have a ceremony and make promises to each other.

There’s a pause.

Aidan: So one of them wears a dress, right?

Me: giggles. No.

Well, what do they wear?

They both wear suits.

Another pause.

Aidan: I want to marry Lincoln!

Me:¬†giggles. You can’t marry your brother.

Huh? Why?

contemplates whether or not to introduce the concept of incest. thinks better of it. Because it’s against the law. You can’t marry your brother or sister. Or your mommy or daddy.


A few days pass.

I’m giving Aidan a bath.

Aidan: Mommy, can you marry your cousin?

Me: Huh?

Your cousin. Can you marry your cousin.

I’m pretty sure you can’t.

Because it’s against the law?

I’m actually not sure.

pauses. So, you can only marry someone you don’t know?

chuckles. Well, yea. But you get to know them before you marry them.


And in the blink of an eye he was on to sinking ships. I’m curious if/when this conversation will resurface. I’m even more curious to see what new shape it takes.