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I Thought He Was Being Nice

I recently tried to trade in my Highlander for an Odyssey.

Upon leaving the following interaction transpired…

Service Director (talking to Autumn): Bye honey!
Autumn (looking beyond annoyed): I’M NOT YOUR HONEY! (pushes through the door and walks outside)
Me: I don’t think she  appreciated your stereotypical, sexist goodbye.


You can look at this two different ways…
1. The Service Director was just being nice. Autumn was being rude.
2. Smash the patriarchy. Autumn called the Service Director out on sexism. Ignorant sexism, but sexism nonetheless.


My initial, internal, reaction to Autumn’s response was, “Oh my god! How could she be so rude?!”. I’m embarrassed to say I almost made her come back inside to apologize for yelling.

Thankfully, I didn’t.

Autumn doesn’t know that people outside her inner most circle freely throw those terms around, but only when talking to girls. She doesn’t know they use words like “sport” and “champ” when talking to boys because we don’t use them with our boys; All of my children are sugar-pie-honey-bun-love-dove or darlin’.

My spirited spitfire of an almost 5 year old knows, without us ever having told her, that words like “honey” and “sweetie” are reserved for the closest of the closest (Mommy and Daddy, Nana and Grandma Mo). And to everyone else she’s… “just Autumn”.